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The Parameters For Tapered Roller Bearing

Editor:Haining Wanlong Bearing Co.,Ltd │ Release Time:2015-11-24 

Double row tapered roller bearing: Diameter size range: 38mm~1560mm Outer diameter size range: 70mm~1800mm Width dimension: 50mm~460 mm Four-row tapered roller bearings: 

Diameter size range: 130mm~1600mm Outer diameter size range: 200mm~2000mm Width dimension: 150mm~1150 mm 

Tolerance ZWZ metric tapered roller bearings have normal tolerances, provide P6X, tolerance class P6, P5, P4, P2 products, all compatible with the GB307.1. ZWZ inch tapered roller bearings have normal tolerances, and are also available as needed, CL2, CL3, CL0 tolerance CL00 products. 

Radial clearance ZWZ only after installation of single row tapered roller bearings have clearances, and another in the opposite direction after you adjust the positioning of the bearing can be determined.

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