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Classification Of Linear Ball Bearings

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Common linear bearing selection (20) linear bushing is used with a hardening line shaft. Infinite linear motion systems. Ball and hardened drive shafts because of load is the point of contact, allowing smaller loads, but when linear motion friction of least resistance, high accuracy, movement and quick. Edit this paragraph classification 

(1) standard type line bearing, and clearance adjustment type line bearing, and opening type line bearing, and added long type line bearing, and versatility line bearing 

(2) flange type line bearing can is divided into: Round method blue type, and method blue type, and oval method blue type, and oriented round method blue type, and oriented method blue type, and oriented oval method blue type, and added oblong method blue type. 

According to specifications standard 

[1]: linear bearings are divided into two major series LM and LME series.Its code LM series for Asia, Southeast Asian countries, Japan, Korea, China and so on. With metric dimensions as standard, equipped with a straight shaft outside diameter tolerance H7. LME series for Europe, the United States, Germany, Italy and other regions. In inch dimensions as the standard or metric dimensions, equipped with a straight shaft outside diameter tolerance G6. 

Two series of structural characteristics, in addition to different sizes, diameter tolerances are different, their structures were about the same. Cases 1:LM 203242 UU OP LM said line first series standard 203242 said size structure aperture od length UU said double sealed structure OP said opening type cases 2:LME 203245 UU AJ LME said line second series standard 203245 said size structure aperture od length UU said double sealed structure AJ said clearance can adjustable by shape points: 

1: straight tube type (shape as cylinder, General with card spring installation, for installation size smaller of occasions) 

2: flange type (end Department or middle has installation flange, can with screws installation, flange General points round, square and cut side type three species) 3: opening type (shape as straight tube, appearance has axis to cut sewing, for need clearance adjustment of occasions, points big opening and small opening 2 species) by performance points: 1: General type (General performance needs of uses) 2: super type (long life and the big load performance needs of occasions) 

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