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Angular Contact Ball Bearing Series

Editor:Haining Wanlong Bearing Co.,Ltd │ Release Time:2015-11-24 

Angular contact ball bearing can bear both radial and axial loads. Able to work under high speed. Contact angle increases, higher axial load capacity. High precision and high speed bearings are normally take 15 contact angle. Under the action of axial force, the contact angle will increase. 

Single row angular contact ball bearings can accommodate axial loads in one direction, when subjected to radial load, will cause additional axial force. And only limited axial displacements of the shaft or housing in one direction. If the paired-up installation, make a bearing outer ring, the wide end facing the wide end narrow end facing the narrow end.

So that you can avoid additional axial force, and can be made in both directions axis in axial clearance of the scope or shell. Because of its inner and outer rings of angular contact ball bearing roller relative displacement in the horizontal axis, so can bear both radial and axial loads-the combined load (single row angular contact ball bearings can accommodate axial loads in one direction and are generally installed in pairs is often used). 

Cage made of brass, resin, differentiated according to the bearing forms, conditions of use. Angular contact ball bearings are: 7000C (∝ = 15 °), 7000AC (∝ = 25 °) and 7000B (∝ = 40 °) of several types. This kind of lock on the outer ring of the bearing, inner and outer rings cannot be separated from the combined radial and axial loads and axial loads in one direction. 

Ability to withstand axial loads determined by the contact angle and contact angle, the ability to withstand axial loads high. This bearing can be limited shaft or casing axial displacement in one directionv

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