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Spindle Bearing Characteristics And Applications Of Oil

Editor:Haining Wanlong Bearing Co.,Ltd │ Release Time:2015-11-24 

Spindle bearing oil is a special lubricant for bearings of precision machine tools and similar, which guarantee the accuracy and performance of spindle and prolong its life plays an important role, also known as the bearing oil. 

 Its main features: 

1, suitable viscosity and good viscosity-temperature characteristic To make the spindle temperature is not too high and the machine heat distortion occurs, affecting the accuracy or the bearing lubrication should be according to the spindle bearings, speed and bearing clearance, selection of the right temperature of lubricating oils and call it good viscosity-temperature characteristic to prevent the spindle temperature and ambient temperature when the change, changes in viscosity is too large and its lubricating properties. 

2, good lubricity Between the spindle and bearings to maintain a uniform oil film and the spindle starts or stops producing oil will not damage under impact load, maintain good lubrication reduces friction and frictional heat, reduce temperature rise, ensure accuracy of spindle function requires good lubricity. 

3, good oxidation resistance Spindle lubrication method, require long-term use without deterioration of spindle bearing oil requires a good antioxidant. 

4, good corrosion protection Because of oil in spindle lubrication system process inevitably mixed with the air in the pool water or machine tool coolant, therefore requests that the oil has good rust inhibiting properties.

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