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Summary Of FAG Bearings The Suffix Meaning Model

Editor:Haining Wanlong Bearing Co.,Ltd │ Release Time:2015-11-24 

Bearing code by code, pre code and post code form. Basic code bearing type, structure and size. Front identification bearing components in the Basic code Before. 

Post code bearing structure shapes, sizes, sealing, cage, tolerances, clearance, heat treating, packaging, technical requirements, such as when there is a change, in the bearing code added after supplementary Code. 

1 pre code Front-r before the Basic code placed directly on the bearing, the remaining front codes separated by dots and Basic code. GS-cylindrical roller thrust bearing washer. 

Example: GS.81112 K – rolling element and cage assembly. Example: cylindrical roller and cage thrust Assembly K.81108. R – no bearings with separable inner ring and outer ring. Example: RNU207-NU207 bearings without inner ring. 

WS-cylindrical roller thrust bearing ring. 

Example: WS.81112. 

2 post code Post code into basic code behind. when when you have multiple sets of post codes, post codes listed in the bearing code table arranged from left to right in the order. Reset code after dot in front and base This code separates.

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