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Decided NTN Bearing Life Length Of The Internal And External Causes

Editor:Haining Wanlong Bearing Co.,Ltd │ Release Time:2015-11-24 

Many factors determining the length of NTN bearing life, but can generally be divided into two kinds, one is internal (bearing factors), the other is the bearing outside. NTN bearing factors including structural design, manufacturing processes and materials quality, three major factors. 

NTN bearing manufacturing through forging, heat treatment, machining, grinding and assembling multichannel processing. However, the reasonableness of the processing technology, advanced, can also affect the stability of the bearing life. Which influence the quality of finished bearings heat treatment and grinding process usually has a more direct relationship and bearing failure. 

Research on bearing surface degenerating layer shows that in recent years, closely associated with the surface quality of bearing grinding process. NTN bearing the metallurgical quality of the material was the main factors affecting the early failure of rolling bearings. 

Along with the metallurgical technology (such as vacuum degassing of steel bearings) progress, raw materials quality has been improved. Raw materials quality factors in bearing failure analysis the proportion has decreased significantly, but it still is one of the main factors bearing failure. 

Relevance of material is still bearing failure analysis of factors that must be considered. NTN bearing the external factors include the installation and adjustment, maintenance, repair and other compliance with technical requirements. 

According to NTN bearing installation, use, maintenance and repair of technical requirements for bearings operating under load, speed, temperature, vibration, noise, and to monitor and check the lubrication, unusual immediately find the cause, to adjust so that its back to normal. 

Bearing installation conditions are one of the primary factors in the use, caused by the installation is not suitable for bearing package status change bearing parts bearing in operation under abnormal conditions is the key to early ending of life. Wuxi denaman powered mechanical equipment Co Ltd

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